Dan Terrano

Dan Terrano - SPS President

Major: Physics, Chemistry

I'm an aspiring chemical engineer and physicist. In my spare time, I run a photography blog, and I love to teach where I can. I will be forever obsessed with science, art, Genesis, Depeche Mode, the Cure, The Protomen, M83, reading science fiction, scarfs, the color blue, tea, dogs, dress shirts, black skinny jeans, roman numerals, vegan boots, geometric fractals, Doctor Who, Russia, spaaaaaaaaaaaace, and the number seven. Chickpeas and tofu are pretty rad, too. Oh and I'm also horribly allergic to cats, but that won't stop me from rolling around on the ground with them and rubbing my face on their fur because they're adorable and I'm an idiot. Really, though, I have an eternal affinity for studying the cosmos; it would be a dream of mine to eventually explore the depths of our universe and learn as much as I can about it while I'm here.