Phil Dee

Phil Dee - Secretary (2012 - 2013), President (2013 - 2014)

Major: Physics, Civil Engineering

Graduated: BS: 2014

As of fall 2013 my academic standing is a 1st year graduate student in Physics. I graduated from CSU in May 2013 as a dual major, obtaining Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Bachelors of Science in Physics. I have worked in both engineering and physics related field and have decided that Physics is my preference and forte. I am continuing research in ligh scattering spectroscopy with Dr. Streletzky, and I specifically work with depolarized dynamic light scattering on dilute systems of anisotrpic nanoparticles. I plan to obtain a Ph.D in Physics with a nemphasis on theoretical physics. Outside of academia, I play guitar, I hike and camp (Nat'l parks especially), I study the art of fighting, I whittle figures out of souvenir Louisville baseball bats, I recycle trucker hats, I make bridges out of Black and Mild's, I feed bears when signs clearly advise otherwise, I transcribe books in wing dings font, teach cats to speak, and then un-teach tem, I investigate mysterious noises, and finally, I forge signatures of popular food company mascots on checks that I think will bounce.